Mateusz Korzeniowski

Coding for living since 2013


  • Python 3, basics of asyncio
  • Docker containers

Commercial experience

  • RabbitMQ message broker (AMQP protocol)
  • SQL databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL) and query language
  • Linux server OSs (Debian, CentOS)
  • Kubernetes platform (overall concept, minikube, kubeadm and kubectl tools)
  • microservices design, concurrent systems
  • Java (1.5 year in enterprise projects)
  • GitLab Pipelines, Jenkins CI tools
  • DevOps (ansible, infrastructure-as-a-code patterns)
  • Agile methodology, LeSS framework

Hobby experience:

  • terraform, on-premise OpenStack, OpenWRT
  • web scraping (scrapy framework)
  • WireGuard VPN (self-hosting a VPN for me and relatives)
  • GitHub Actions, Travis CI

Not much experience, but still interested

  • Golang, front-end Javascript
  • machine learning

Open-source work

See Projects for some of my work